A nearly flat or slightly sloped is considered a low-sloped roof. A 2/12 and under pitched roof arelow-sloped. Anything above 2/12 is considered steep. Majority of the residential rooftops are considered steep-sloped within the construction industry. Residential roofing or home roof repairs are the hard tasks that need to be done by experts.

At M Roofing, our roofing expert technicians are experienced in the product applications such as dimensional shingles, architectural, and three tabs. Our teamis also experienced in residential roofing products including clay tile, slate, concrete tile, stone coated metal type shingles, and many more.

M Roofing team is also experts in residential roof repair, built-up roofing, low-sloped roofing systems, modified bitumen, and other single-ply systems.


Composition or asphalt shingles, usually seen in the steep sloped building, are theroof product commonly installed on steep sloped building. There is a variety of styles of composition shingles available to suit any particular desired aesthetic of your curb appeal and consideration of budget.

M Roofing offers a wide range of product designs and colors that will help you to select the best one for you.


Designer shingles

Standard three-tab shingles

Top of the line luxury shingles


All shingle manufacturers make Modified roofing. There are no heat sources needed as modified roofing is easy and can be installed by couples of methods including “self-adhering” and “hot-mopped”.This roofing is commonly used on low slope residential applications, as example, patio and dormer roofs and other commercial roofing applications.



Tile roofs are weather resistant, and such roofing usually made out of clay and concrete. Tile roofs can be modeled into various types of decorative and attractive sizes and shapes. There are two popular options are available for tile roofs, one is clay and another one is slate.Corrugated clay tiles keepyour housecool,especially in summer. On the other hand, slate is comparatively more durable and last up to hundred years with minimum maintenance.

Moreover, slate tiles can be recycled that make them even greener. Extra reflective coating can be added on slate and clay tiles as well keeping more sun off in the home.



If you are looking for a super performance and appearance, then Metal roofing is the best choice. Metal roof is not an element only to keep the water out; it displays an extraordinary architectural style with a variety of styles and colors.


If you want to add a natural and warm look to your home then wood shingle roof is the best option for you. Most of the builders use ceramic or asphalt shingles in these days, but wood shingles roof also offer the same types of quality including extra traditional charm. One important thing is while choosing wood shakes/shingles, a customer should consider the location of his/her building that allows installation of wood shingles/shakes.
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