• How do I know if my roof is leaking or there is hail damage?
    Usually in a hailstorm, small pieces of hail will strike a roof and are not big enough to create any damage. However, on occasion some hail stones are large enough to cause severe damage to your roof. It causes small leaking which may not be visible in that moment however over time it creates a leaking problem. In such a case, the best solution is to have a roof contractor perform a roof inspection to check whether you should file an insurance claim or not. In addition, you may need an insurance adjuster as well to assess the amount of damage. Contact Prodigy Roofing & Construction in that case as we have a team experienced and licensed insurance adjusters who are always ready to work for you.
  • What is hail damage and how hail damage and is it harmful for my home?
    It is a diminution of water-shedding capability or reduction in the expected long-term life of the roofing material. On asphalt shingles, hail is more specifically described as “punctures, tears, or shingle mats fractures”. The shingle bruises mainly are an indentation with fracture in the mat that feels soft like that of an apple bruise. These types of bruises are usually marked by dislodged granules; however, an in-experienced person cannot always see the bruising at the first sight. Make sure an experienced roof inspector checks your roof before filing a claim on your insurance policy.
  • If the insurance company withheld depreciation on my estimate, can I get this portion of my claim back?
    Most homeowners policies cover the value of full replacement and in such cases you will get it back. The first check that the insurance company provides you is called the Actual Cash Value portion; that means the actual value of the roof with its effective remaining life span. The amount that withheld by insurance company is called depreciation or in other word, the Replacement Cash Value. It will be paid after the completion of work or most of the times upon the submission of a contractors itemized completion invoice.
  • What should I do if my insurance company demands me to get three estimates for the roofing work?
    In such cases, you should not do this. You have right to use the home roofing contractor as per your choice as long as the budget is matched with industry roofing standards. Insurance companies usually want to choose the cheapest estimate as they want to save their money. It is not wise to lower the value of your home and use the lower contractor by default in order to complete the insurance restoration.
  • Should a homeowner take assistance from home roofing contractors in the insurance claim process?
    Yes, you should have your roofing contractor present at the time of insurance claim inspection. On the other hand, good quality home roofing contractors never ignore to assist their client with claim process. We, M Roofing, do same as well as we are always ready to provide full support to the clients in every steps of the insurance claim process.
  • Why is my insurance company paying for part of my roof only while my neighbors getting the amount for entire roof from insurance company?
    Two houses may receive similar amounts of funds if the amount of damages are similar.If your neighbor’s house has extensive damage and your house has a little amount of damages, then the claim amount may not be same. Usually the insurance company pays only for the actual damages. If your entire roof was not damaged, then unfortunately the insurance company will not pay you for the whole roof of your home. For this reason, you should seek professional assistance to assess the damages of your roof to get the appropriate scope of actual amount of damages with an experienced eye. M Roofing can assist you in such an instance with the team of best insurance adjuster.
  • The insurance is only paying for part of my roof, and my neighbours insurance company paid for their entire roof; why is my insurance company only paying for part of my roof?
    No two houses receive the same amount of damage in a storm. Your neighbor may have sustained extensive damage, and you may have received none. The insurance company will only pay for the actual damages incurred. If the entire roof was not damaged, unfortunately the insurance company cannot pay for the whole roof. However, if is it border line, it always helps to have your roofing contractor inspect the roof with your insurance adjuster to accurately assess all damages to the roof. Sometimes insurance adjusters may not be able to see all the damage if they not able to walk on a steep roof and photograph certain areas. M Roofing ensures a helpful presence to look out for your best interest and assist the insurance adjuster if needed with damage assessment, photographs, and measurements.
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